Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 Dollars Advertising !

Before you get confused, we are not going to talk about scam site that give bloated promise to offer huge cash per single click. The number ‘$2’ refers to the cost to place an advertisement, not the cash you can get from clicking. So, in short, we are learning to become an advertiser this time, who sets ads to be clicked and viewed by the PTC members. And that $2 is somewhat cheap and very affordable.

Become an Advertiser

(Note: if you are already an advertiser or have had placed ads before in PTC sites, you can also skip to the next section to get the details on the $2 advertising).

Some of you may have already known about PTC, joined and gained some real bucks. While diligently clicking ads and accessing the PTC site, you may have also come across some offers to place your own advertisement. They can be found a lot on some of the ads you view, or usually at the main page of the PTC site where it’s displayed two separate options to join as a member (who click the ads) or advertiser (who put the ads). Of course, you can also join as both. This option can also be made even after you have joined. For example if you have already joined as a free member, you can still place your own ads (become an advertiser). If you wish only to become an advertiser, the signup process is usually the same with becoming a standard/free member.

If you have your own website that you want to promote – either it’s a money-making blog like this one, serious bussiness company, or just a place to share your hobbies – one way to do it is through PTC site. Especially if you want to promote worldwide, this choice can be surely compelling. All you need is an internet connection (plus a few bucks) and you can tell all people in the world easily. Traffics or visits to your websites or blogs are guaranteed for sure.

Advertisements are usually bundled in form of packages, and may divided into several categories (micro ads, fixed ads, etc.) which also called ‘exposure types’. The advertiser can choose to buy the packages that suit their need. Normally the package is measured in terms of ‘clicks’, that is, if a member click on the link and view the ads (thus visit the website). Others may use the terms ‘credits’. The larger the package, the more visits they can get and the more bucks it requires, but usually offered with price discounts so they will save more money if they buy larger ones. For instance, you can have 1000 clicks on 3 seconds ads + 500 clicks on 10 seconds ads for $5, and for 2000 3 secs ads + 1000 10 sec ads you will need $9.5 only (Note that these numbers are only for example purposes).

Advertise for < $2

As mentioned before, that ‘2 bucks’ on the title refers to none other than the advertisement cost, or even less! You can have it at Clixsense.

 As you can see from the pictures above, they offer an enough affordable cost for placing advertisements. The cheapest one, is only $1.20! Note also that this package is only available to be bought using your main balance, which means that you must have clicked ads on Clixsense and gained required amount in the balance to buy this package. The $2.40 pack is another affordable choice, and the purchase can be made either directly via payment processor like Paypal or Payza, by main balance, or using both methods. Note that they are using the terms ‘Ad Credits’ here. An Ad Credit is basically a package containing mixtures of different exposure types (1000 clicks of micro ads+ 500 clicks of mini ads, etc.)

If you haven’t joined yet, you can signup here. If you are already a member, to put your own ads to be viewed by other members is easy. Just follow these steps :

  • Login to your Clixsense account
  • Click on Advertise button (at the top bar)

  • Click on Paid-to-Click Ads

  • At the right window (My PTC Ads Stats), click on BUY besides Ad Credits Balance

  • Select the appropriate pack from the drop down list (for this example, choose the topmost – 500 credits for $1.20, or you can also choose other packs)
  • Click on Buy Using My Balance button (remember the 500 ad credits can only be bought using your main balance only, the other packs have the option to buy by payment processors)

  • You will be confirmed of your purchase, just hit ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’, and wait for your purchase to be approved (it will take some time)

  • Once your purchase has been approved, the credit will be noted in the Ad Credits Balance (for this example is 500), now click on the ADD button

  • Fill in on the Title, URL (website address), and Description of your advertisement (pay attention also to the types of sites that are not allowed), allow some time for your advertisement to be approved

  • After your advertisement has been approved, you can see it on the bottom (see the bottom at My PTC Ads)
  • Click on Assign Ad Credits to this Advert

  • Select and fill in on the required data on the next input such as exposure type, schedule, geo-targeting, and so on (here I choose 200 Micro credits type).

  • Click Submit when done
  • And your ads are ready to be displayed according to the schedule you have set !

Note : you can check the status of your ads in the same panel/page (see the bottom at My PTC Ads)