Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surfing Tips – Save Bandwidth

While surfing for ads, it will sure take some considerable amounts of your internet bandwidth, as you will open many websites in  a relatively short amount of time, and do it regularly from time to time. Most of the websites will contain pictures, graphics, and even videos (what else can a website do to amuse visitors so they can linger long enough except attractive multimedia contents?), that can easily chip away at your bandwidth. Some may even contain loootsa pictures and/or videos that seems to take forever to load completely, though luckily the ads timer will have usually completed first without needing the website to finish loading entirely.

There is one easy trick to help reduce your bandwidth usage : disabling images.

By not displaying pictures and images, the websites will only appear containing mostly texts. Not only the bandwidth could be preserved, but the loading time will be greatly decreased (websites should be able to load faster). Note that regarding to the browser program you use, some contents like animations and videos may not be affected and still running.

This method is performed temporarily by modifying the browser settings, turning off or disable image appearance. Should you need then to display pictures again, just turn the settings back on, and so on. The settings may different for each browser program, as described below.

Google Chrome

  • Click the customize button (upper right corner) and choose Settings

  • Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings…

  • Under Privacy category, click the Content Settings… button

  • Under Images category, activate (click on) the Do not show any images option

  • If you want to display pictures again, just click the Show all images option above it

Internet Explorer

  • Click the settings button (upper right corner) and choose Internet options from the menu

  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Under Multimedia category, deselect the Show pictures option

  • You can also try to deavticate the Play animations and Play sounds options
  • If you want to display pictures again, just turn the coresponding options back on

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the Firefox menu (upper left corner)
  • Select the Options sub-menu, then click Options

  • Click on the Content tab
  • Deselect Load images automatically

  • If you want to display pictures again, select (activate) the Load images automatically option

Beware though, this method may not be applicable to all PTC sites. Webpage elements which are image-based will not be displayed and those which are text-based will still appear. If those elements are compulsory, such as those needed for verification, then the trick will not work as you need to see the images. For example in Clixsense, there is an early verification before the ad is displayed, which is finding cat picture (images). Therefore if you disable the image display then you can’t proceed as you are not able to see the pictures. But in Neobux you can still bypass this, as the verification process is clicking on a red dot (or small icon in special occations), which image bounding box can still be seen. Just test first and see if the technique could work.